How To Measure a Mitre

Finding the right measurement to cut DECORATIVE CORNICE

Finding the right measurement to cut DECORATIVE CORNICE
    Steps to get the measurement to cut decorative cornice

  • As shown in diagram A, place the cornice "upside down" against the wall and floor.

  • Adjust the cornice so it sits square, as it would in place on the ceiling.

  • Mark along the edge of the cornice on the floor.

  • Measure from the wall to the mark. This is the measurement used to cut the miter

  • As shown in diagram B, mark a line square across the cornice.

  • Measure along the WALL MEMBER while the cornice is "upside down". From the line squared across the cornice and place a pencil mark.

  • The cut is made from the mark made on the wall member to the point the squared line, meets the ceiling member.

  • To make the cut the cornice must be held in place as in diagram A. The best method to do this is use a miter box. Mark a line on the miter box where the cornice needs to sit and put in a few nails, or nail something to the miter box to keep the cornice in place.

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