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    MATERIAL SIZE 2.4 2.7 3.0 3.6 4.2 4.8 5.4 6.0
    Recessed Edge Plasterboard 10mm 1.2
    Recessed Edge Plasterboard 10mm 1.35
    Ceiling Board Re 10mm 1.2
    Ceiling Board Re 10mm 1.35
    Recessed Edge Plasterboard 13mm 1.2
    Recessed Edge Plasterboard 13mm 1.35
    Water Resistant Plasterboard 10mm 1.2
    Water Resistant Plasterboard 10mm 1.35
    Water Resistant Plasterboard 13mm 1.2
    Water Resistant 13mm Fire Rated 1.2
    Water Resistant 16mm Fire Rated 1.2
    Villaboard 6mm 1.2
    Villaboard 6mm 1.35
    Villaboard 9mm 1.2
    Fire Rated Plasterboard 13mm 1.2
    Fire Rated Plasterboard 16mm 1.2
    Soundcheck Plasterboard 10mm 1.2
    Soundcheck Plasterboard 10mm 1.35
    Soundcheck Plasterboard 13mm 1.2
    Cove cornice 55mm
    Cove cornice 75mm
    Cove cornice 90mm
    Plaster Sundries Size Quantity To place an order click on the submit button
    Boral Base Coat 45 20kg
    Boral Cornice Cement 45 20kg You can print out a copy of this quote
    Boral Topcote 550 20kg
    Back Blocking Cement 20kg Made a mistake? Use the refresh button
    Stud Adhesive 5.2kg
    Nails and Screws Payments by direct deposit
    Clouts - ring shank 30mm 2.5kg
    Clouts - screw shank 50mm 2.5kg We will contact you to verify your order and
    Screws collated fine 25mm 1000 confirm the delivery details
    Screws collated coarse 25mm 1000
    Screws collated fine 32mm 1000 Call us for prices on unlisted products
    Screws collated fine 40mm 1000
    Screws collated villaboard 8g x 20mm 1000
    Screws loose fine 25mm 1000
    Screws laminated 38mm 1000
    Straitflex corner tape 30m
    Fibreglass tape 90m
    Wet N' Stick 76m
    Paper joint tape 75m
    Paper joint tape 150m
    External and Internal Angles
    External angle 2.4m
    External angle 2.7m
    External angle 3.0m
    External angle 3.6m
    External obtuse angle 2.4m
    External obtuse angle 2.7m
    External obtuse angle 3.0m
    External obtuse angle 3.6m
    Internal obtuse angle 2.4m
    Internal obtuse angle 2.7m
    Internal obtuse angle 3.0m
    Internal obtuse angle 3.6m
    Internal corner angle (P18) 2.4m
    P17 90 deg internal angle 3.0m
    Stopping angle 10mm 3.0m
    Arch Bead 3.0m
    p50 shadowline angles 3.0m
    Battens and Furing Channel
    Battens domestic 16mm 4.8m
    Battens domestic 16mm 6.0m
    Batten domestic clip 80mm
    Batten domestic clip 150mm
    Furring channel 16mm 6.0m
    Furring channel 28mm 4.8m
    Furring channel 28mm 6.0m
    Furring channel clip 80mm
    Furring channel clip 180mm
    Wall track for 28mm furring channel 3.0m
    Other Products
    Wr taping cement 4 litre 6.4kg
    Wr taping cement 1 litre 1.75kg
    Wr silicon sealant cartridge 450g
    PVC stopping angle zip strip 10mm 3.0m
    PVC casing bead 10mm 3.0m
    PVC expansion joint with zip strip 3.0m Total Price Including GST
    PVC adjustable internal corner 3.0m


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