Are you unhappy with the quality of the plastering in your new home?

Are you being over charged for variation work?

Is your builder claiming what you consider a bad plastering job, industry standard?

Are you a plasterer who's payment is being unreasonably held?

Joins showing after painting is one of the most common problems with a plasterboard finish. Often the problem does not show up until the house is painted and the lights turned on. Few builders are going to want to rectify this problem without a fight. Yet there are several reasons this may occur, it may be glancing light, or it may be poor workmanship. Unfortunately it is more often poor workmanship, but how are you going to know? Will you just accept the builder's word and a poor quality finish that will devalue your home? The plasterer may have completed the work to Australian standards but lighting is a genuine issue. Can you tell the difference?

You don't have to accept sub-standard workmanship, often a letter with an expert opinion can help you get the problem fixed.

    Our new service includes

  • On site inspections

  • Recommendations to resolve issues

  • Estimates of costs to rectify work

  • Written reports

  • Mediation with parties

  • Expert witness

My Industry Experience

I have 34 years experience in all aspects of the plastering industry and have a genuine interest in assisting clients find a resolution to any plastering problems they may have.

I did an apprenticeship in plastering in Tasmania commencing in 1975. I moved to Melbourne in 1979 and worked as a sub contractor in commercial contracting. In 1981 I started a company in commercial contracting, Metro Ceilings and Partitions. In 1983 we became involved in plasterboard supply, Metro City Plasterboard Supplies, with a factory in Grange Rd Fairfield. We started a cornice factory in 1985, Metro Plaster Products. I made many of the new moulds for the factory and was involved in making special moulds etc. In 1991 we started the second Pioneer Plasterboard franchise, (Lafarge), in Clifton Hill. By 1995 I left the Pioneers Franchise and started Plaster Brokers selling plasterboard from a home office while contracting in the housing market. In 2003 using my combined experiences in the plaster industry I became involved with my current business partner Grant Spiers, and set up PlasterLink Contracting. Grant has an engineering background and has a very practical approach to business, combined we make a very effective team, with my industry knowledge and his business skills.

I have regularly worked on the tools plastering throughout the years and will most likely continue to do so as time allows. I love the plastering trade and have never stopped looking for ways to improve the quality of my work. I started because I felt there was a great need for trade knowledge to be shared with the general public. My web site may not be that flashy as I have designed it myself, but I try to give the public as much benefit of my trade skills as possible. I currently answer all types of plastering DIY questions on the Renovate Forums

I currently work with Grant in PlasterLink Contracting Pty Ltd. My role is estimating plastering costs and quality control. I also work on site when required, doing difficult work that regular contractors either can't or will not do.

PlasterLink Contracting Pty Ltd is a unique service, which provides reliable and quality plastering contractors at fixed priced labour and material contracts, for new homes and units.

Why A New Role

I see this new role as an extension to my overall industry experience, where I am able to further assist people in need of plastering knowledge. I have a no nonsense practical approach to problems and call it how I see it. I am completely independent, and do not need to tailor my opinions to satisfy the needs of third parties. We offer our services to Building owners, Plasterers and Builders.

I believe every home owner is entitled to a plastering job that meets Australian Standards at a reasonable price. I believe a plasterer who has completed a job to Australian Standards is entitled to payment.

Nearly all plastering disputes revolve around the failure of one of these entitlements being met by one party. Or the belief that the entitlement has not been met.

My first objective is to provide an opinion on a dispute that will enable my client to present the facts to the other side with the view of getting a resolution without further action.

Not always is a dispute resolved, I can provide a written report that can be used in VCAT or a Magistrates Court to support your claim.

In extreme cases where resolution can not be achieved by mediation and presentation of accurate facts, you may need to take your action further to either VCAT or the Magistrate Court, we act for our clients as an Expert Witness in court proceedings.

By having an Expert Witness acting on your behalf you are much more likely to get a satisfactory result without having to revert to legal action.

If you have a problem and need assistance the cost of having an expert report written up can save you money in the long term and get your problem resolved.

For an estimate of the cost for a site inspection please call Rod Dyson on 0412 343 834

More information on Australian Standards will be added to this page over the coming weeks.