covering a damaged rendered plaster wall with plasterboard or drywall

Renovating old homes with rendered plaster walls can appear quite difficult. Patching up a rendered plaster wall, like shown here, with sand and cement, will not gaurantee a great finish.

The answer is to stick plasterboard or drywall over the wall to cover up the render, all gaps and cracks.

Where you have un-even surfaces, it is neccessary to glue plaster blocks on the wall to even out the surface before you stick on plasterboard or drywall.

To stick plasterboard or drywall sheet to any masonary surface, you need to use either, cornice adhesive or masonary adhesive. The adhesive needs to be mixed to a fairly stiff but not dry consistancy

Daubs of adhesive should be a uniform size, small in area, but very proud of the wall. This helps to get the sheet level.

Care must be taken when placing the sheets, so that they don't slide on the adhesive daubs. The sheet should be placed into position slightly leaning back towards you. Then gently pushed forward onto the adheasive daubs. Gently pat the sheet into position by hand.

Once all sheets are in positon and patted back. Take a straight edge an tap the sheets firmly onto the wall. The straight edge should be kept diagonal to the sheets or parallel. If you use the straight edge vertically, you could end up with hollow sections in the wall.

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