stick on plasterboard to a brick or concrete wall

There are two types of adhesive that can be used to stick plasterboard to a masonary surface, MASONRY ADHESIVE and CORNICE ADVISIVE.

When sticking plasterboard directly onto a brick or concrete wall, you must make sure the wall is free of dust. A good idea it to use a broom dipped in water an dampen the wall down, the wall should not be "dripping" wet when you apply the adhesive.

A word of caution with tilt pannel walls. Make sure the walls are free of the release agent use in the manufacture of the pannels. You will need to use expansion joints on long wall, they should line up with the expansion joint in the tilt pannel.

Often you may find it better to use steel battens fixed to the wall on tilt pannels for the reasons mentioned above or if you have cables or pipes to cover.

To get a nice straight wall there are a few critical points to keep in mind. Make sure the adhesive daubs are evenly spaced and are about the same size. The daubs should all sit proud of the wall, comming into a peak, this allows the sheet to flatten out the daubs without a lot of resistance giving you a good bond. Provided you get the adhesive right the sheets will sit flat and will not require much tapping back to get them straight.

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