How To Stop Up Nail Holes
  • Make sure all nail heads are below the surface.
  • Do not over fill with first coat.
  • Make the first coat just big enough to cover the depression.
  • Push in dimples created by missed nails.
  • Use a 6" joint knife to second coat but don't make the coat the with of the joint knife.
  • Start with only a small amount of mix on the joint knife spread along 1/3rd of the width.
  • Use an 8" joint knife to top coat using the same principle as above.
  • The larger tool allows better control.
  • Sand in circular motion work from the edge in.

Popped nails are repaired by placing another nail either side of the popped nail, while making sure the board is secure against the framework. If fixing to pine battens, or a springy frame, you will need to use screw to make the repair. Stop up repair as normal.

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