How To Cut A Mirror Image a Mitre

How to cut mirror image mitres in DECORATIVE CORNICE

How to cut a mirror image mitre in cornice.
    Steps to cut a mirror image mitre in decorative cornice

  • Cutting a mirror image mitre is easy once you know how.

  • To start off use METHOD "B". Find a unique place on the pattern and mark a line square across the cornice.

  • Measure back from the mark to the point you wish to start the cut for the first mitre, repeat the process on the opposite side to cut the matching mitre.

  • Cut the mitre to the dimension as describe above Go There

  • For the best results use a miter box.

  • Use METHOD "A", to match an existing miter that occurs when you cut the cornice to length and you need to mirror the next mitre. Mark the line back from the mitre at a unique point and measure to the cut of the mitre. Use that same unique point and measurement to cut the next mitre, measuring back from the opposite side.

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