How To Measure Cornice

To get a good fit with cornice, is not that easy if you don't know the tricks to measuring up the different types of cornice. A typical problem with decorative cornice, is finding the 2nd length is cut too tight and has to be taken down and re-cut. Having to re-cut decorative cornice, can effect the matching patterns.

    Here are the tips to measure different types of cornice.

  • 55, 75 and 90 mm cove cornice.
    • Measure each wall exact to the mm except external corners allow 1 to 2mm tolerance

  • Paper faced decorative cornice.
    • Measure each wall with a 1 to 2mm tolerance. 3mm on external corners.

  • Small decorative plaster cornice, (up to 80mm profile).
    • Measure each wall with a 2 to 3mm tolerance. 4mm on external cornices.

  • Medium decorative plaster cornice, (up to 150mm profile).
    • Measure each wall with a 3 to 5mm tolerance. 5mm on external corners.

  • Large decorative plaster cornice, (over 150mm profile).
    • Measure each wall with a 5 to 7mm tolerance. 7mm on external corners.

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