How To Fix Plasterboard To Curved Walls

The amount of difficulty hanging plasterboard on curved walls, will depend on the radius of the curve, or, if it is an external or internal radius.

Here is main principle hanging sheet on all curved walls or ceilings. Start nailing from one end, nailing off both edges of the sheet as you go. Work along the sheet nailing off each stud. Have another person apply even pressure, into the radius from the other end of the sheet.

Most ceiling have a quite a large radius, that allows you to hang the sheet without making the sheet wet. If you have a tighter radius, that requires you to wet the sheet, it is a good idea to have some extra hands to hold the sheet.

If possible, cut the sheet longer than required, then cut off the excess when you finish nailing off. This helps get an even bend in the sheet.

Here is the best way to wet down a sheet if needed. Starting with the back of the sheet, use a damp sponge to wipe over the entire back of the sheet two times. Repeat the process on the face of the sheet. This is enough to allow you to bend the sheet into 900mm radius. DO NOT over wet the sheet, a damp sponge twice on both sides is enough.

For a very tight radius 6mm plasterboard is available, but is more expensive than standard board. It is not required for most jobs, if you follow the steps above.


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