How To Fix Plasterboard To Walls

If the size of your job allows, it is far more economical and easier to use all 6 meter long sheet to cut the walls from. Any job over 200 m2 is suitable to bulk load 6 meter sheets. The benefit is that you have reduced waste and you won't have many different sizes of sheets laying around getting in the way. Also you wont need to have a cutting list to follow.

When you bulk load in 6 meter sheets, there are many tips that allow you to use the sheet economically and make the job quick. Here are a few good tips:

Always start cutting the longer sheets first. When you have cut the long sheet measure the off cut and find a place for it to be used and cut it to size straight away. Even do this with the smallest of off cuts that fit down the sides of doors etc. This prevents a build up of off cuts. I see many experienced plasterers end up with a pile of off cuts leading to congestion in the work area. Also if you have a pile of off cuts you tend to use the first one that fits the wall size you want leading to waste.

When cutting a strip or have a large window off cut, don't just put the off cut aside. Narrow strips are very handy up the sides of doors or in cupboards etc. It is easier to cut a small strip off a larger sheet than from a small strip. So find a place to use the off cut and cut then measure both pieces and cut the smaller one first. Another reason is that is strips are left lying around the job tend to get broken and are of no use. They cant break if they are nailed to the wall.

Where you have an obtuse internal corner, always try to cut and fold method fist. The cut and fold method eliminates the need to stop up the obtuse internal, saving a lot of time. When you cut the back of the sheet and fold it around, provided that the cut is perfectly straight, it will give you a nice straight crease that will make up the obtuse corner. It is vital that you measure very accurately and the walls are plumb.


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