How To Get The Best Supply and Fix Price

To get the best quote for your job, the first thing to think about is what "TYPE" of contractor is best for your project. Each "type" of contractor specializes in an area of plastering, but will "cross over" if the price is right. To get the best price, find a contractor that specializes in the type of job you have.

    Questions to ask the contractor before getting a quote.

  • Do you quote on, (your type of job, be specific, eg. 40sq home with decorative cornice and bulkheads in Sunbury, or, 1 room extension with some patching to the existing house)?

  • Are you busy at the moment, OR, in X weeks time?

  • Do you use sub-contractors, or, do the job yourself?

  • Do you use the same contractors all the time?

  • Do you use paper tape for ceiling joins. (All plasterers should use paper tape on ceiling joins. Fibre glass tape is prone to cracking, even when joins are back blocked.

  • Do you use a 3 coat system. (Regardless of how good they say they can do the job with 2 coats, you will have an inferior finish).

  • Would you provide references, for the contractor you will use

  • Would you provide references, for work to, (your type of project)?

  • How much notice would you need?

  • If you were to get the job, would you stay on the job until completion?

  • What are your payment terms?

  • Do you have a home phone I can contact you on?

  • Will you put the quote in writing, detailing what you have included?

  • How long before you can get back to me with a quote?

GET A MINIMUM OF 3 QUOTES. Prices in plastering can vary quite a bit. Be comfortable, that the plasterer with the best quote, is able to do the job to your satisfaction.

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AVOID BEING CHARGED FOR EXTRAS. Make up a list of, INCLUSIONS, and give the same list to all contractors quoting on the job.

    The list should include:

  • The type of board you want use for:

    • Bathroom walls - villa board or wet area plasterboard.
    • Ceilings, upstairs, downstairs and garage - ceiling board, (joist at 600mm centers), standard board (joist at 450mm centers), other, (sound check or fire rated).
    • External verandah - villa board, wet area plasterboard or nil.
    • Garage walls - standard plasterboard or villa board.

  • The type finish of wall / ceiling junctions. Such as:

    • cornice type, p50 shadow line or square set. location.
    • cornice to garage if different.
    • cornice to cupboards if different.

  • Location of bulkheads.

  • Location of squared finished openings

  • Where battens are required.

  • If any reveals or other angles are to be used.

  • Location of skylights.

  • Type of finish around kitchen cupboards.

  • Work required under stairs.

  • Other works to be carried out.

  • Work to be carried out to manufacturers specification.

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