General tips, on how to install or hang plasterboard.
  • Plasterboard sheets should always be placed at right angles to framing members.

  • Plasterboard should always have a 10mm gap between the floor and the 1st wall sheet.

  • Never place a nail next to or through a daub of plasterboard adhesive.

  • Only apply plasterboard adhesive when you are ready to fix the plasterboard sheet. If the plasterboard adhesive is applied too soon, it will form a skin and not bond to the plasterboard sheet.

  • Evenly space plasterboard adhesive daubs across the width of the sheet.

  • Do not nail centre of plasterboard wall sheets. If the plasterboard sheets need pinning back, nail through a temporary plasterboard block and remove the block and nail after the plasterboard adhesive has set. This will prevent popped nail heads.

  • Keep plasterboard nails around doors and window close enough to the edge so the architrave will cover them.

  • Make sure all plasterboard nail heads are below the surface. (If you break the paper around a nail head put another nail beside it to avoid popping).

  • Double nail or screw the center of plasterboard ceiling sheets about 40 mm apart, this helps prevent plasterboard nails or screws popping.

  • Wherever possible keep plasterboard recessed edges together and butt edges together. Avoid plasterboard recessed edges and butt edges adjoining each other.

  • Never place plasterboard butt joints directly over the door stud or window stud.

  • Always back block plasterboard ceiling joins.

  • Use plasterboard back blocking cement or cornice cement for back blocking.

  • Citric acid will slow down the setting time of plasterboard back blocking/cornice cement, use about a teaspoon full in a back blocking mix.

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