How To Build A Frameless Bulkhead
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With this example the builder has provided timber to fix to.
We would normally screw metal track along the wall and ceiling.

The walls and ceilings can be in place, prior running the wall
plates and ceiling track.
The plastering on this project was completed before we came to
build the bulkhead.

If your bulkhead exceeds 600mm in width up to 1200mm furring channel trimmers can be placed at 600mm centers (if using ceiling board) or 450 centers, (if using standard plasterboard). No additional support is required.

For spans exceeding 1200mm a top cross rail is required to support the furring channel.

This is by far the quickest and best method of building bulkheads.

Fully framing a bulkhead in timber is both time consuming and expensive. It is very difficult to get a fully framed bulkhead perfectly straight.


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