How to cut cornice

Cutting cornice miters the correct way is very simple once you know the basic rules.

    Cutting cornice rules

  • Always use a miter box if you can.

  • The cornice MUST be held upside down. Opposite to how it would sit on the ceiling, before making the cut.

  • Place cornice in the miter box with the upper member furthest away from you.

  • The upper member in the miter box will be the member that sits against the wall.

  • The miter you cut on the side you wish to keep, will go into the opposite corner, to the end you are cutting. Imagine that when you take the cornice out of the miter box, you have to flip it over before putting it up.

  • The side that the PENCIL LINE remains is always an EXTERNAL miter. The side with NO LINE is always an INTERNAL miter

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